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    The 6 Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips You Need To Know

    Cleaning your carpets correctly is important if you want them to look their best for longer. To help with this, there are a number of cleaning tips that you can use. It is important to know what these tips are and how to effectively use them to clean your carpets correctly.

    Blot The Stains

    When you drop something onto the carpet that could stain, you should never rub it. Blotting the stains with a clean cloth and carpet cleaning solution is the best option. When you blot, you will apply small amounts of pressure onto the stain to soak it up. Rubbing the stain will just set it deeper into the carpet fibers and this is something that you need to avoid.

    Try Shaving Cream On Stains

    Many people do not realize that shaving cream is actually a very effective carpet cleaner and can be used for general stains. To use shaving cream, you will need to apply it directly to the stain and leave it for around half an hour. After the shaving cream has set, you can blot it away with a clean and dry cloth. After doing this, you should spray the stained area with a solution of vinegar and water then wipe it away with a cloth.

    Getting Grease Out

    Blotting and shaving cream will generally not work when you have a grease stain on your carpet. The best way to get rid of grease stains is actually to use a solution with dishwashing soap. You should mix a drop or 2 of the soap in a cup of water and spray this onto the stain. You will then be able to blot the stain away. It is important to note that you may have to repeat this process a couple of times to get the stain out completely.

    Getting Rid Of Wax

    Candle wax can be a nightmare to get out of a carpet because it sticks and starts to flake into the fibers. The best way to clean wax from the carpet is actually to reheat it. To do this, you should place a cloth over your clothing iron and then place this on top of the wax to heat it. You will then be able to scrape the wax off the carpet with a butter knife.

    When using heat, you need to be careful that you do not burn your carpet. It is recommended that you do not hold the iron to the carpet for longer than 30 seconds. You should also use a white cloth when doing this as colored cloths could transfer the coloring to the carpet.

    Cleaning Crushed Candy

    If you have children, you will have crushed candy on your carpet at some point. The problem with this is that the candy will often be partially wet when it hits the carpet and this can cause major problems when you try to clean it. The best solution for this issue will be to scrape the candy out of the carpet using a knife or spotter brush.

    You should then use a mixture of water and mild soap to get the sugar out of the carpet. This is important because the sugar will attract dirt to the fibers. Once the area has been cleaned, you will need to blot it dry.

    Regularly Deep Clean

    Deep cleaning your carpet is something that you should actually do regularly if you want your carpets looking their best and lasting longer. You can steam clean your carpets with special machines that you can rent. You can also hire a carpet cleaner company to deep clean your carpets for you if you are nervous about doing this yourself. If you are going to hire a company to do this for you, you need to ensure that they are reputable and trained to use their equipment.

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    The Top Eight Tips To Choosing The Best Vacuum Cleaner

    Vacuum cleaners are not the first item considered when moving into a new home, but they are one of the essential items. When buyig a vacuum cleaner, it is important to take certain factors into account to ensure you find the best one for your needs. You can search for customer reviews and professional reports to find the best, but to make your decision easier, it is important to look at more practical aspects. This article will provide the top eight tips for choosing the best vacuum cleaner.

    1. The Floor Type

    Believe it or not, the property’s floor type plays a large role in the type of vacuum cleaner you purchase. For example, some upright vacuum cleaners are known to scratch hardwood flooring. If your property has bare floors made of wood or solid surfaces, it is important that you consider this feature and find the most appropriate option to avoid any scratches.

    Of course, vacuums are typically used to clean carpets, but this does not mean they always clean the carpet well. To capture all the dirt from carpets, it is important that the cleaner has a strong suction with dirt sensors to find all the grime in the carpets.

    2. The Noise Level

    Carpet vacuums have a reputation for being noisy, so this factor does not always feature when finding a new vacuum cleaner. However, regardless of its triviality, the noise issue can affect a person’s desire to use the appliance. Evidence has found that people using quiet vacuum cleaners were happier or less disgruntled when performing their cleaning tasks than those who used louder vacuum cleaners.

    3. Cleaning Pet Hair

    Pets are wonderful, but the one problem regarding cleaning is that they shed hair everywhere. In fact, it is the shedding pet hair that causes allergies and makes people less likely to purchase pets. To remove the pet hair, people can either avoid pet ownership or use a vacuum cleaner that is strong enough to lift pet hair along with dirt. Strong suction is essential, and some vacuum cleaner models have pet hair removal as a feature.

    4. Easy Manageability

    The upright vacuum cleaner is considered the more popular option because it is easier to use, control, store, and more effective when cleaning stairs or the ceiling. Yes, it is important to clean your ceiling. To increase manageability, some vacuum models present with natural adjustment features to alter the height of the brush roll element. Vacuum cleaners that are lighter in weight with height modification features are far more beneficial because they are easier to manage.

    5. The Vacuum Filter

    Almost all vacuum cleaners can clean surfaces and leave behind filtered air. This is the fresh smell experienced after vacuum cleaning a room; however, there are only a few models that will ensure you of an air filtration system. Filtration systems are significant because they will catch the smallest particles of dust in the air and reduce any health problems an individual could experience.

    6. The Vacuum Bag

    In previous years, one would need to clean the vacuum bag on a regular basis to keep the vacuum operating; however, it is now possible to purchase models that are bagless. It is recommended, however, that you replace the cleaner bag every one or two months irrespective of the type of vacuum cleaner you choose.

    7. The Switch Configuration

    The majority of vacuums present with conveniently located switches on the handle or somewhere accessible to turn the item on or off. Before choosing a vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider the placement of this switch so that you can easily use the item.

    8. Controlling The Suction

    Sometimes its is easier to call a professional carpet cleaning company to get ride of those hassle some stains and marks. Especially if you are in a town that has fantastic companies available like St Augustine Carpet Cleaning.

    Understanding vacuum suction is vital because it will indicate the cleaner effectiveness. A vacuum with suction control will help you clean different items in the home without worrying about damage to the item, such as carpets and curtains.

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    The Benefits Of Using Matting To Prolong Carpet Life

    Installing carpeting is a great way to enhance your home or your place of business. Soft underfoot, carpeting helps create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that invites people in and encourages them to stay a while. Its sound-dampening properties make it a great choice for large, open spaces. When the floors are carpeted, rooms become much quieter, with fewer echoes or noises carrying through the space.

    The only downside to carpeting is that it can show stains and other signs of wear relatively quickly compared to other types of flooring. Its soft, porous fibers can become dirty over time with too much foot traffic. They can also start to fray or look worn if they get walked on too much.

    One way to combat this problem is by using matting to cover up the surface of the carpet. Strategically-placed floor mats can help minimize signs of wear and tear, prolonging the life of your carpet as a result.

    It makes sense when you think about it. Foot traffic is one of the primary causes of damage to any type of carpeting. When people walk over the surface with dirty shoes, the dirt can become embedded in the carpet fibers, causing it to become discolored.

    Over time, the friction of shoes moving across the surface can also cause the carpet fibers to begin to fray. This can result in carpeting that looks worn out, frizzy and dated.

    Unfortunately, when carpet gets stained or starts to show signs of wear, it can detract from the look of your property, making your rooms seem shabby and outdated. The key to preventing this problem is to do everything you can to keep your carpets in great shape.

    Investing in floor mats is a great place to start. Think about the areas of your flooring that get the most traffic. For instance, most entryways are high-traffic areas since they allow people to enter and exit the building. Additionally, when people are coming in from outside, they are likely to have dirt on the bottoms of their shoes.

    Because of that, entryways are great places for matting. Look for sturdy floor mats that can be placed right inside the door to your home, office, or retail space. Make sure the mats are thin enough that they don’t interfere with the ability of the door to the room to open or close. They should also be rugged enough to withstand heavy foot traffic without detracting from the appearance of your space.

    Try to look for entry mats in colors that coordinate with the rest of your decor. That way, they will look like they belong rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. There are a lot of attractive floor mats on the market, making it easy to find matting that will look great in your space.

    Chair mats are also important if you have a desk where you regularly spend time. Dents or divets can develop in carpeting over time if a chair is constantly sitting on the surface. A chair mat can help solve this problem by keeping the legs or wheels of the chair from damaging the carpet. They can also make the chair easier to move across the surface of the carpeting, making them a great solution for offices of any size.

    Using matting to prolong carpet life make sense for a number of reasons. For one thing, floor mats are far more affordable than carpeting. That means that you can replace them more often. Instead of allowing heavy foot traffic or office chairs to ruin your carpeting, it makes far more sense to protect it with floor mats that are placed in strategic locations.

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    The 5 Top Maintenance Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Carpets

    Carpets can be expensive and they have a finite lifespan. Fortunately, this lifespan can be extended if you take the time to correctly maintain them. There are a number of carpet maintenance tips that you should use to ensure that your carpets last as long as they possibly can.

    Regular Cleaning

    The top maintenance tip for extending the life of your carpets is to clean them regularly. This means that you should vacuum your carpets on a regular basis to remove the dirt which accumulates in them. Cleaning is the first line of defense for your carpet and you need to be thorough.

    The amount of carpet vacuuming that you do should vary on the amount of traffic the carpet gets. If you have an active family, you might have to do this 2 to 3 times a week. However, weekly in low traffic areas will generally be fine.

    Keep The Dirt Outside

    Walk-off mats inside and outside your home will help you to lower the amount of dirt in your carpets. This will help to keep your carpets in good shape for much longer. A study found that it takes around 17 steps before your shoes are clean, which means that you should take your shoes off before entering the carpeted areas of your home.

    Clean Spills As Soon As Possible

    When something is spilled on the carpet, you need to clean it up immediately. This will stop your carpet staining and reduce the damage that is done to the fibers. If you treat the spill immediately, you will generally be able to completely remove it from the carpet. When cleaning spills, it is important to blot the liquid and not rub it as this will cause the stain to embed in the fibers.

    There are different ways to clean different spills and you need to consider this. A mixture of dishwashing liquid and water will be able to remove grease while a mixture of water and vinegar will be helpful for any other type of spill. Wax should be reheated for removal while gum should be frozen before you remove it to ensure that you get everything out.

    Rearrange Your Furniture

    A lot of people assume that leaving their furniture in one place will actually be good for their carpet. This is incorrect as the feet of the furniture will wear down the carpet in confined areas and this means that you will need to replace it sooner. When you move the furniture around more often, you will decrease the wear on the carpet and this will extend the lifespan. It is recommended that you move your furniture around every 6 months if possible.

    Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

    Deep cleaning your carpets is important if you want them to last. Deep cleaning will get rid of all the dirt and contaminants that you are not able to see or reach with a standard vacuum cleaner. However, it is important that you hire a professional cleaning service to do this unless you are very confident in using carpet cleaning machinery.

    A professional cleaning service will be able to deep clean your carpets fairly easily. It is important to note that there are different types of deep cleaning and you should choose one that is economical and environmentally friendly. Certain shampoo cleaning can cause allergic reactions and you need to consider this. Many people will recommend steam cleaning as it is better for your carpets and will not have any harmful chemicals.

    Proper maintenance is the best way to extend the life of your carpets. There are a number of tips that you can use which will help with this including keeping the dirt away from your carpets.